China Business Services

Whatever your business need in China, CBBC can help. Our services offer tailor-made support for your business needs.

Services Open to All

CBBC posts regular business oppurtunities on-line from Chinese companies looking for british partners, goods and services across a full range of sectors.
Through our Business Support Services (BSS), CBBC's Team can: 

1. Identify Local Contacts - agents, distributors, suppliers and potential partners

2. Arrange events and meetings - including 1-2-1 meeting programmes, workshops, seminars and product launches

3. Conduct market research - including sector and regulatory overviews and market analysis

Member Only/Member Discounted Services

A flexible, fast, cost-effective and low-risk means for you to explore the opportunities across China working from CBBC offices. CBBC will employ a 'project manager' dedicated to helping you take your business forward in China.

cbbc-directory.jpgCBBC Directory
Membership Directory, searchable by region and sector, accessible by all visitors to CBBC and British Chamber of Commerce Beijing websites.


company-check.jpgCompany Check Services
CBBC will carry out a company check on your behalf through the local branch of SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce).  This will provide basic key information about a company.


employment-selection.jpgEmployment Services
Helping you plan for and identify key management staff for your business in China. Includes both a selection and advisory service.


cbbc-hot-desk.jpgCBBC Hot Desk
CBBC Hot Desk is an instant, flexible, cost-effective and low risk means of using CBBC’s extensive China offi ce network to explore business potential in new locations.


reques-(provider).jpgRequest for Proposal Service (Provider)
Professional service provider members receive prospective leads from companies looking for professional tax, legal etc. advice.

Request for Proposal Service (Enquirer)
CBBC can assist companies looking to commission professional services for company set up etc. in China through this tender service.


Chinese Business Culture Training Programme Provides your team with an awareness of Chinese culture and guidance on how misunderstandings can arise and be overcome. Contact Enquiries for more information.


support-logo-long.pngTranslation & Interpreting Services
Documents, Company Profiles and Business Cards can all be translated into Chinese through this service and we will also arrange qualified interpreters for companies visiting China.

Visa Invitation Service 
CBBC can secure a visa notification form which will enable you to apply for a single, double or multiple entry Business Visa for entry into China.


launchpd.jpgThe Business Fast Track Service
The Business Fast Track service helps streamline the application process for companies sending Chinese staff to the UK and turns applications around in just one or two working days. It is ideal for organisations that regularly send Chinese nationals and invited guests to the UK for business purposes.


For any China Business Services enquiry contact:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7802 2000




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