Launchpad provides a simple, cost-effective, low-risk and legal means of having a presence in China, before you set up your own office there. CBBC will employ a ‘Launchpad Manager’ dedicated to helping you take your business forward in China. For more, email Anne Zheng.

What is the service?

Finding Staff
CBBC can help identify a suitable member of staff to work exclusively on a firm’s behalf. Advertising, short-listing, scheduling interviews and advice on the final choice of candidate is all coordinated by CBBC.

Administrative support
CBBC support in terms of pay roll, expenses management, call minding etc., allows the designated member of staff to be fully engaged with business development work and not be troubled by administrative tasks

Exit advice and set-up assistance
CBBC helps with all aspects of post-Launchpad development, in terms of employee transfer to a new entity, advice on structuring and sign-posting to professional advice and support.

Leveraging CBBC’s network and reputation
CBBC has been in existence for over 60 years and therefore has an excellent reputation and network in China. Firms can benefit from this connectivity and make to swifter progress than by operating alone.

The Advantages

Immediate access
A business development function on the ground in China can be facilitated quickly and with little bureaucracy
Low risk
Launchpad provides a low risk means of entering the Chinese market, or withdrawing if plans change or results do not show promise
High control
Launchpad provides cost certainty for market development as well as control over a business development resource on the ground
Favourable comparative cost
The cost of Launchpad for initial market entry compares favourably to setting up and running a representative office or a full service company, but without the downside risk

The Benefits

Knowledge accumulation
The Launchpad scheme can help a firm navigate a steep learning curve and accumulate the market knowledge necessary for building sales and establishing an independent operation

Network building
Through a locally engaged staff member, firms can service existing relationships more effectively and build the new networks necessary for future success

Market testing
Launchpad may be viewed as a stepping stone, allowing a firm to test or prove the market in order to justify the incorporation of a full service company.

Your Launchpad Manager

  • Selected and managed by you, but employed and supervised by CBBC
  • Accommodated in a well-established CBBC China office with meeting rooms & call minding service
  • Permitted to engage in business development, liaison and research, but (as a CBBC employee) not in direct business activities, such as concluding sales or collecting receivables
  • Able to develop and share knowledge within a team of other Launchpad managers
  • Employed for minimum period of 12 months; extensions negotiable
  • Transferred to your company when you decide to set up your own operation

Case Studies

The Costs and Contact Details

Annual management fee between ¥88,000 (£8,800) and ¥168,000 (£16,800) depending on location, plus running costs (salary etc). Please note this service is exclusive to CBBC Corporate Members.

For more information email Anne Zheng or call +86 (0)10 8525 1111 ext 700


Launchpad has over 200 'graduates' with c. 85% going on to set up in China


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