Translation & Interpretation Services

Document and Company Profile Translation

CBBC has provided a Chinese translation service for over a decade and has supplied hundreds of companies and individuals with Chinese versions of their brochures, company profiles and websites.

Business Card Translation
CBBC’s approach to the Chinese translation of business cards is unique and aims to provide typical Chinese names according to Chinese tradition and cultural practice. Instead of giving a transliteration of English names each character of the Chinese name is carefully selected to convey a positive meaning to the reader.

How much does the service cost?
  English to Chinese
(per 1000 words) 
Chinese to English
(per 1000 words)
General business text £190 £160
Technical £240 £210
Legal £260 £230
Business Cards - Standard £50 N/A
Business Cards - Creative £90 N/A

Additional charges may be incurred for urgent delivery, specialised formatting and proof reading.


Via its extensive network across China, CBBC is able to provide qualified interpreters for companies visiting China. Interpreter services require booking at least one week in advance.

Click here for CBBC's Guide to using Interpreters

How much does the Service cost? (All regions of China)
Level 1 - General £130/half day £220/day
Level 2 - Technical £280/half day £415/day

For Non-members, a £50 admin fee is payable for all Translation & Interpreting (per city).

Please note that CBBC accounting procedures require prepayment for all translation services. Upon receipt of payment our China offices will need to sign the service contracts with interpreters and service providers to secure their services.

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