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CBBC’s Visa Invitation Service? (UK to China)

CBBC secures a visa notification form which will enable you to apply for a single or double entry Business Visa for entry into the People’s Republic of China. (We are currently unable to offer multiple entry visa notification forms).

What is required from the applicant?
  • A completed application form
  • Scanned copy of the main page within the applicant’s passport
  • UK residence certification letter if nationality is not British (excluding EU citizens) See here for details.
Click here for the Visa Invitation Service application form.

Processing times
Single and double entry visa notification forms take around 3 working days to be processed (for UK passport holders) and these are returned to the client via email. The processing time for non-UK passport holders is 10 working days.

How much does it cost?
Members: Single £30 / Double £60
Non Members: Single £48 / Double £78


Select Business Scheme and Select Business Scheme UK (China to UK)

Two schemes which are available to corporate members of CBBC/BCCC. Reflecting the organisation’s status as a trusted partner of UKVI, we have been recognised as one of only two organisations (the other is the CBI) whose corporate members have the automatic right to join these schemes.

  • Select Business Scheme (SBS)
  • Select Business Scheme UK (SBS UK)

The two schemes have very similar names, but different functions and criteria which are described below. Documents from UKVI with full procedures, terms and conditions and application forms are below; this factsheet is intended to give a brief overview, and should be read as non-binding advice from CBBC/BCCC.

As many members will be aware, UKVI has launched a number of schemes in recent years to improve and tailor the visa service available for Chinese (and other) visitors to the UK. These include:

  • Priority Visa Scheme
  • Super Priority Visa Scheme
  • VIP Mobile Scheme

More details are available online about these other schemes by clicking these links in Chinese and English

To enquire about SBS and SBS UK, please contact the Enquiries Team

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